Antler Mini Storage                Antler Mini Storage

      Location #1                                                                                             Location #2

14011 Thomas Sinclair Blvd.                                                1409 Sam Bass Rd.
Austin, TX 78728                                                                  Round Rock, TX  78681

Antler Mini Storage

      Location #3

 8616 Highway 16                                                                                                                  Pipe Creek, TX 78063


 Office for Austin and RR locations:           Office hours (Austin):
 14011 Thomas Sinclair Blvd.                      9:30am- 5:30pm M, Tu, W, F
 Austin, TX 78728       
                                  9:30am-1pm Th and Sat

 Office for Pipe Creek Location                   Office hours (Pipe Creek)   8616 Highway 16                                         By appointment M-W              Pipe Creek, TX 78063                                 9:30AM-1PM Th and Sat                                                                              9:30AM-5:30PM F


phone:     512-246-6217(Austin)                    830-535-4552 (Pipe Creek)  
emergency:  512-731-9373                  

fax:                512-246-7584
email:   or

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